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Are you tired of buying a personal computer system that was built the way the factory wanted it built! With options you may not need, and without the options you do need?

Design the PC you need and we will have it built for you! We will individually assemble and test your PC.

Pay only for what you need - you won't pay extra for the unwanted "bells and whistles" that are included in the price of the mass-produced computers. And should your needs change, we will assist you in reconfiguring your system.

Windows Compatible

Choose your ideal combination of disk drives, memory, video and accesories. We'll load your software on your hard drive, check your configuration and test your custom PC.

Design Your Own PC

Simply select the items you would like in your factory-direct PC, then fax or phone in your configuration request. Our Systems Engineers will verify system compatibility, availability and price.

It's that simple!

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