Fax Broadcasting

Fax broadcasting is the quickest way to get to the people that you want to reach.
These are the people that will make you money!

Why Faxing Makes Sense...

The arguments for faxing are logical, convincing and compelling. Reader response to fax documents is estimated to be 21% higher than "mailed" documents. WHY? Because they are in the hands of targeted recipients in minutes from the time they are sent! A business can deliver high impact documents to thousands of destinations almost immediately.

A Fast & Efficient Way to Distribute Information - Effective & Economical Communication.

This powerful technology gives you the ability to send your message to thousands of locations, anywhere there is a fax machine. Simply send your document to us and we will Fax Broadcast it to hundreds or thousands of recipients.

Imagine having your Special Announcements, Price Lists, Product-Service Literature, Technical documents, Newsletters and Bulletins delivered just minutes after your broadcast request.

Fax Broadcasting is Easy to Use

Submit a fax to our faxing center from your PC or just fax, e-mail or mail your document and fax list to us. The documents can be faxed immediately or if you wish, sent according to your schedule.

List Management & Mail Merge.

We have list management software that can combine lists, check for duplicates and exclude numbers. It also will incorporate mail merge features. Save Time and Money

A Fast and Inexpensive Marketing Advantage

Just about any business communication that you could mail, overnight, internal fax or phone, you could Fax Broadcast, cheaper, quicker and easier. The availability of fax machines is increasing. There were 12.8 million fax machines sold world wide in 1996 and its estimated that over 20 million will be sold in the year 2001.

Win - Win Situation

Everyone wins with Fax Broadcasting
Customers get instant information and your sales and support staff become more productive. Fax Broadcast anywhere in the USA for about $.24 per page. Call now and we will show you how effective fax broadcasting can be.

Target Fax Broadcasting Services

We will fax your full page 8 1/2 X 11 customized flyer to thousands of your customers. This is a great way to test a new product or advertisement. Our service allows you to target the state(s) which will receive your fax.

Starting at ONLY $100.00 Per Thousand Call our office today to schedule your fax broadcast.

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